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Slippery Rock Business Association's Mission

To advance the sense of place, quality of life, and economic vitality of Slippery Rock and the surrounding area.

Slippery Rock Business Association is a consortium of businesses & individuals who believe in the past, present and future of our community. We create opportunities for members to promote and improve the quality of life in Slippery Rock. We provide significant input into community planning, marketing Slippery Rock, and promote a feeling of well-being. We encourage effective communications through a powerful networking environment not only between members but also throughout the community as a whole.


Slippery Rock: The Story Behind the Name


In 1779, Col. Daniel Brodhead was in command of Fort Pitt at the present site of the city of Pittsburgh. Col. Brodhead begged Gen. George Washington to allow him to lead an expedition against the Seneca Indians who were raiding settlements in the area. The troops encountered the Indians and were forced to flee for their lives.