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SRBA General Membership Meeting

April 16, 2014
Giant Eagle Slippery Rock

Stacey Glenn welcomed everyone.  She stated that she would be running the meeting as Jen was unable to attend.  Stacey introduced Jeff Galmarini, owner of the Giant Eagle in Slippery Rock.

Jeff spoke on how they are trying to make the Giant Eagle more of a destination—not just a place to buy milk & bread. They had a Valentines’ dinner in the café (a candle lit dinner) and are planning a Mother’s Day chocolate covered strawberries event. The smoker has been a big hit and some of the delicious food that they served was from the smoker. The smoked macaroni & cheese was awesome. He also spoke on the customer service aspect of their store.  Paul Suorsa told about how when the tornado watch was active last summer, they pulled all of the customers into the back so that if a tornado did strike, the customers would be safe.

Cindi Dillon talked about Slippery Rock in Bloom.  The judges are coming again June 21-25.  They still have places for “Adopt-a Spot” and “Adopt-a Pot” available.  One new thing is that they are asking business and townspeople who have a door to get a big hat and decorate it—“Hat’s off to Slippery Rock” is what they are calling it.  They are hoping this will help make an impact on the judges.  They have purchased a Gator with a water tank so that they no longer have to haul buckets to water in the summer.  They are also asking for nominations for a Green Thumb Award—it can be an individual house or a business.

Debbis Crum reported that the Chocolate Festival was very successful considering the weather and that this was the first one.  The Jeep festival is planned for  June 15th and she anticipates that it will be even bigger than the past two years.

Stacey Glenn reported that the membership as of April 2 was 74 paid members.  The newsletter deadline for the May newsletter is April 30th so if anyone has information for inclusion in the newsletter, it needs to be to Tracey by then. Stacey also reported that all of the host and speaker spots for this year were filled but that is someone wanted to do a five minute update at an upcoming meeting, they could contact her.

Beth Thompson reported that the smart phone friendly version of the website was delayed and that when it is up, she asked that everyone check their posting for errors.  She also reported that the first Orientation went well and that there is still time to get material to her for distribution at the remaining 6 Orientations.

Debbie King is the new Events Chair.  She asked that anyone who is interested in helping with the committee to let her know and she will be calling a meeting sometime soon.  As Patty Ruffing stated, this was the last day she would be working for Prudential Preferred Realty as they would become Berkshire Hathaway the following day so she wasn’t sure when the meeting would take place—watch your email.

Stacey Glenn stated that the next meeting is May 21st back at NexTier.

In attendance were: Beth Thompson, SGA Bookstore; Kara Shuty & Todd Erdos, Edward Jones; Jeremy Green, AAdvantage Insurance; Doreen Bufalini-Vallecorsa, Amity Slippry Rock Senior Care Home; Keith Warcup, SRU Federal Credit Union; Matt & Liza Hovis, Inferno Pizzeria; Bill Sontag, Slippery Rock Development; Cindy Dillon, Slippery Rock in Bloom; Jeff Berta, Always Summer Herbs; Anne & Jeff Galmarini, Giant Eagle; Stacey Glenn, Hampton Grove City; Paul & Gert Suorsa, Acadian Exotics; Debbie Crum, Butler County Tourism& Convention Bureau; Myleen Manley, Keller Williams Realty; Kerry Cassidy, Cassidy Insurance Group; Erik Braho; Debbie King & Patty Ruffing, Prudential Preferred Realty; Karen Pierce & Royce Lorentz, Slippery Rock Community Library; Steve Park, SRU College of Humaities, Fine & Performing Arts; Judy Gimble, Keystone Rehabilitation Systems, and Gary Westbrook, Giant Eagle.


SRBA Board Meeting

April 2nd 2014

Fairfield Inn

In attendance: Jen Whitmoyer, Stacey Glenn, Lara Wozniak Tom McPherson, Beth Thompson and Debbie King

Jen called the meeting to order.  Tom presented the Treasurers report which included the collection of dues from new and renewing members.  The board had a discussion around the businesses who had been members in the past, however, have not responded to the 2014 membership requests.  The board decided to make calls individually to these businesses and report back to Tom and Beth by April 10th so that the lists can be updated.  After all maintenance is completed, an email will be sent to all members to check their contact information on the SRBA web site.

There was a motion to approve the invoice form Minuteman press to pay for envelopes ordered with the SRBA 10 year logo.  All were in favor.

Chair Reports-

Website- Beth reported that the new “mobile friendly” web site will take longer than expected.  Updates to follow.

Newsletter- The board discussed sending the newsletter via email as well as print.

Membership- As a reminder all applications go to Keith for him to scan and send to the board for appropriate approval.

Meeting- April 16, SRBA will be meeting at Giant Eagle where Stacey will run the agenda.

At this point, all speakers and host positions are full.  It was suggested that there be given an additional monthly 5 minute spot for members who have updates or short presentations.

The group then discussed the SRU study task force for drilling on SRU property. This talk force is highly confidential and is to study and discuss the impact to employees, students and community.  The SRBA representative will be Keith and he will attend the meetings and report back to the board.

The board then discussed the events chair position which is open at this time.  Jen mentioned that this chair coordinates events and works to get people engaged.  These events include the duck race, picnic and Christmas party and the chair will work directly with Stacey on the last two.

The board then discussed the 10 anniversary activity ideas proposed from the membership meeting in March.  Highlights include a sidewalk art festival, a Christmas tree walk and a wine walk. It was also mentioned that Prudential will be planning a home and garden tour in August.

The group discussed making the annual picnic part of the 10 year anniversary celebration and bringing it to Main Street.

Next Meetings:

April 16th- Membership meeting at Giant Eagle

April 23rd- Butler County Chamber Board meeting- Chamber Office

May 7th- Board Meeting- Fairfield Inn

May 21st membership Meeting – NexTier Bank

The meeting was adjourned

General Membership Meeting
March 19, 2014
Inferno Pizzeria


If you haven’t been in Inferno Pizzeria, you should go in.  It is amazing how beautiful it is.  Our hosts were Liza and Matt Hovis, owners of the Pizzeria. They served pasta, salad & breadsticks ; all of which was very good.  They were also the speakers.    They presented a few ideas to drive more traffic to the downtown.  Studies have shown that western Pennsylvania is an area that is festival driven when it comes to people getting out and about.  Whereas VillageFest has proven itself to be successful, the Hovis’ suggested that a few additional festivals would be good for the town. Spring could be a sidewalk chalk art festival.  Artists could be anyone from a small child to a professional artist.  There could be prizes and a scavenger hunt to lure visitors into the businesses.  Summer could host a disc golf tournament. Business could sponsor a hole or supply prizes.  Winter could have a decorated Christmas tree walk.  Visitors could vote on the trees and there could be a lighting ceremony at the end of the contest.

Jen thanked them for their great ideas.  This tied nicely into the changes to the board structure that had been voted on at the last board meeting.  The SRBA had been sending representatives to the various organizations that impact the area; we are now going to request that they send representatives from their organization instead.  The standing committees will be changed to Events (in need of a chair), Newsletter/Marketing, Website, Membership, and Meeting Coordinator.  This will permit the organization to focus on those activities that most benefit the membership.

There was a membership vote on Sacred Body, Sacred Earth.  Dawna Joy Anderson explained her business which has a holistic approach to health.  They currently practice in several locations, one of which is Heather’s on Main Street.

Stacey Glenn announced that all of the host & speaker positions for the membership meetings for the rest of the year have been filled.  Beth Thompson announced that the website should be smart phone compatible by the end of the month.  Tom McPherson was not in attendance and Jen announced that if anyone wanted a copy of the Treasurer’s report to contact either her or Tom.

Beth Thompson announced that the SRU orientations were: April 12 & 26, May 3 and June 17,20,24 & 27.  Any business who want to have their information distributed to incoming SRU students and their parents can get it to her.

Molly Breakiron announced that there are several fund raising activities that the library has planned for the next few Months.  April 6th is a Fancy Hat Tea.  They are planning a fishing tournament and a golf outing.

Jeff Berta announced that Slippery Rock in Bloom is still accepting applications to “Adopt a Place”—a part of town that a business or group can be responsible for maintaining and making pretty.  The America in Bloom judges will be back for another visit on June 25th.

Keith Warcup announced that April 12th is the next Polish the Rock.  There are several groups of students from the college who are planning on cleaning up after this long winter, but anyone is welcome.

The next board meeting is April 2nd at the Fairfield Inns & Suites.  The next Membership meeting is April 16th at the Eagle Café in Giant Eagle.


In attendance were: Steve Park, SRU Modern Languages; Dawna Joy Anderson, guest, Sacred Body, Sacred Earth ;Paul & Gert Suorsa, Acadian Exotics; Jeremy Green, Aadvantage Insurance; Jeff Berta, Always Summer Herbs & Slippery Rock In Bloom; Kerry Cassidy, Cassidy Insurance; Stacey Glenn, Hampton Inn & Suites/Holiday Inn Express; Molly Breakiron & Royce Lorentz, Slippery Rock Community Library; Allen DiFrischa, Playthings, ETC; Jen Whitmoyer, Sandler Training;  Beth Thompson, SGA Bookstore; Joe Barth, Slippery Rock Alliance Church; Judy Gimble, Keystone Rehabilitation; Bill Sonntag, Slippery Rock Development; Keith Warcup, SRU Federal Credit Union; Todd Erdos, Edward Jones; Debbie King, John Ross & Patty Ruffing, Prudential Preferred Realty; and Matt & Liza Hovis, Inferno Pizzeria.  If there are attendees missed, I apologize as I was working from memory.

  • SRBA Board Meeting

    March 5th 2014

    Fairfield Inn Hotel Meeting Room

    In Attendance: Jen Whitmoyer, Lara Wozniak, Keith Warcup, Paul Soursa, Gert Soursa, Tom McPherson, Beth Thompson, Tracey McDermott, Dave Trozzo

    Jen called the meeting to order. The minutes from the February membership meeting were approved.

    The group discussed the Slippery Rock “app” that was presented at the February general membership meeting.  The discussion revolved around whether or not SRBA should “endorse” the application.  The group agreed that we should become more comfortable with the company who created the application and possible call other towns that they have worked with in the past.

    Treasurers Report- Tom submitted the report for approval and discussed updated list of paid members for 2014.

    Website Chair- Beth stated that the update to the membership list will happen in April and the SRBA web site will be mobile ready by the end of March.

    Membership- New membership applications included “Sacred Body/Sacred Earth”. Lara will send an email to the applicant inviting them to the March membership meeting for voting.

    Newsletter- Tracey passed around the proof of the “one page” flyer for new and prospective members.  The proof was approved and she will drop off 25 copies to Lara for the new member packets.  Also, the window cling will have the new 10 year anniversary logo and is in process.

    Tourism – Paul mentioned that there were aver 2000 attendees at the Chocolate Festival which took place in February.

    Meeting Coordinator- All speakers are filled at this point.

    SRBA Bi Law Changes- The group discussed making changes to the Bi Laws.  The proposed changes are as follows:

    · Elimination of Board positions for Slippery Rock Borough, Butler County Tourism and the Butler County Chamber.  A representative from each of the above mentioned organizations will appoint someone to attend our membership meetings and board meetings to present information, promote events, and engage and participate in SRBA fund-raisers and events. This proposed change would eliminate SBRA members acting as the representative for the above organizations on our board and attending their events as a representative of the SRBA board. The above stated organizations will send someone who is an employee or board member of their organization to provide updates, event information, cooperative efforts, and engage our events.

    In addition, we need a person for the Events Chair position who would oversee all events, networking and fund-raising.  This person would come up with new ideas and engage volunteers from the membership to help with events. (We currently have Jeff Berta and Dave Trozzo as committee members who serve on the DUCK RACE Committee)

    The SRBA Board will now consist of the following positions and The Board Chairs will create committees and the committee members are welcome and encouraged to attend the board meetings.

    Officers (Voted on by the membership)

    • President
    • VP
    • Secretary
  • Past President
  • Butler County Chamber of Commerce President

Board Chairs

  • Events Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Website Chair
  • Newsletter/Marketing Chair
  • Meeting Coordinator Chair

In addition, the Board discussed Community Organization Representatives invited to attend board meetings and membership meetings with updates:

  • Butler County Tourism
  • Butler County Chamber
  • Slippery Rock Borough
  • Slippery Rock Township
  • Slippery Rock Development
  • Slippery Rock Rotary
  • Slippery Rock Heritage Association
  • Slippery Rock Women's Club
  • Slippery Rock Lions Club
  • Slippery Rock Parks and Recreation
  • Slippery Rock Area School District
  • Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Department

Tom motioned to approve the proposed changes and Beth seconded the motion. All were in favor. Beth will make adjustments to the Bi Laws to send out to the group.

The group next discussed board member conduct.  Jen stressed that any concerns or debates should take place at the board meeting and will put together policies for board members such as behavior and meeting attendance.

Jen also stressed that the boards goal for this year should be to have a “back-up” for every position within the board.

The next meetings are as follows:

March 19th – Inferno Pizza, Host: Minuteman Press, Speaker: Inferno Pizza

April 2nd – Board Meeting Fairfield Inn

The meeting was adjourned


SRBA General Membership Meeting

February 19th, 2014

Hosted by NexTier Bank

The group was treated to lunch provided by NexTier Bank and catered by Inferno Pizza.

Jen welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked Beth Thompson to introduce John Stroup Sr, John Stroup Jr and Kurt Stuchell to discuss the iSlippery Rock app.

iSlippery Rock is an application that promotes Slippery Rock to the public and focuses on driving traffic into local businesses.  They explained that this is the first year that phone searches exceeded pc based searches and having one application would make it easier for visitors to navigate the area.

The application would be free to those who downloaded it and would offer a guide to the area by highlighting local businesses such as restaurants and shops.  It would also be able to provide a link to promotions and coupons.

Because the app leads the individual directly to the businesses web site, it reduces the need for updates to be sent and would also include an interactive map. The app would also send GPS generated “push notifications” to those visiting the area promoting local businesses.

The cost would be $300 for the first 6 months per business and $50 a month after and they would like to see ten businesses commit to start.

Member Introductions- highlights included new members, Keystone Rehabilitation’s director Judy Gimble who provides physical therapy and is located in Giant Eagle plaza.

In addition, Prudential Preferred Realty announced that , in April, they will be becoming Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Rick Telischak who owns McDonalds also attended the meeting as a guest.

SRBA Chair Reports

Treasurers Report- Tom provided a copy of the treasurer’s report from January for review.

Website- Beth mentioned that the SRBA web site should be “mobile ready” by March.

Membership- The group received a handout from Tom with a listing of those members who have paid their 2014 membership dues.  This sheet also included new members from the mailing sent out in Nov.

Newsletter- Jen reminded everyone to email Tracey with information that you would like included in the newsletter or drop off 100 copies of an insert for the newsletter to NexTier bank to be included in the next edition.  She also encouraged anyone who had photos from SRBA events to email them to her.

Tourism- Paul spoke about the Chocolate festival taking place on Feb 22nd and 23 at the Pittsburgh Marriott North in Cranberry.

He also stated his opposition of the bi law changes to the tourism board.  SRBA board has reviewed and voted in favor of the proposed changes.

Meeting Coordinator- Stacey thanked everyone who has already signed up to be a host/speaker for 2014.  She mentioned that there are still open spots and to contact her with any interest in filling them. The open slots are Sept (speaker) October (host), November (speaker).

SRBA General Membership Meeting

January 15, 2014

Hosted by Cassidy Insurance and Edward Jones

The group was treated to lunch provided by Kerry Cassidy and Todd Erdos and catered by LaFamiligia.

Jen welcomed everyone to the meeting at the offices of Kerry Cassidy and Todd Erdos. Jen introduced Kerry and she welcomed everyone to her location and introduced her staff Kate, Pat and Lorraine who was not in attendance.

Jen introduced Todd Erdos, who also welcomed everyone to his office and introduced Kara Shuty, his office administrator.

Tom McPherson spoke about the history of the building which was built in the 1800’s.  It had, at one time, been a grocery store and feed mill and was renovated to include office space and a apartment that is currently rented to SRU students.

Member Introductions- highlights included new members, Matt and Liza Hovis from Inferno Pizza.  Debbie Crumb from Butler County Tourism also joined us and mentioned the chocolate festival taking place Feb 22nd and 23rd at the Pittsburgh Mariott North.

SRBA Chair Reports

Treasurers Report- Tom provided a copy of the treasurer’s report from December and discussed expenses.

Website- Jen asked everyone to check the website to make sure their listing is accurate.

Membership- The group received a handout from Tom with a listing of those members who have paid their 2014 membership dues.  This sheet also included new members from the mailing sent out in Nov.

Newsletter- Jen reminded everyone to email Tracey with information that you would like included in the newsletter or drop off 100 copies of an insert for the newsletter to NexTier bank to be included.

Tourism- Paul spoke about the plans to sell of the Kaufman house in Zelienople.

Meeting Coordinator- Stacey thanked everyone who has already signed up to be a host/speaker for 2014.  She mentioned that there are still open spots and to contact her with any interest in filling them.

Kerry Spoke about Cassidy Insurance Group which has been established since 2002 and recently moved to this location in Slippery Rock in Nov ’13. Highlights include handouts about the Affordable Care Act and discussion about how Cassidy Insurance services individuals, groups and those who are Medicare eligible.  She mentioned that they take an individualized approach and strive to be an advocate for individuals to navigate the Healthcare world.

Todd Erdos was introduced from Edward Jones Investments.  Highlights include handouts about retirement planning.  Todd services clients who would are looking to save for retirement including savings, IRA’s and 401k plans.  Todd also works with businesses who are interested in starting their own 401k plan.

Todd also mentioned that because they have such a large front window, they would like to offer the ability to highlight local businesses/organizations through a display.  He asked that you contact Kara with any interest.

Jen asked Todd and Kerry “What is the biggest question you hear”?  Kerry said that people needed help with the confusion over Obamacare and Todd said that many people have questions on how to avoid taxes.


February Board Meeting – Feb 5th, Fairfield Inn meeting room

SRBA General Membership Meeting

November 20th 2013

NexTier Community Room

Jen welcomed everyone to the meeting and let the group know that Stacey Glenn is on leave to care for her new baby son Trent and she hopes to make it to the Christmas party.

Host Prudential Preferred Realty provided lunch and Ann Westbrook spoke about the company.  She also made introductions of the agents who were in attendance.  Prudential provides residential home sales, relocation services and a new rental management company.

Member Introductions- highlights include the annual sale at the SGA bookstore on December 4th.  Everything that says SRU will be 20% off.

Ryan Wimer from new member Tri County Industries introduced himself and spoke a little about Tri County desire to do more community outreach.

SRBA Chair Reports

Website- Beth mentioned that we are looking to move to a platform that is more smartphone “friendly”

Membership- a mailing was sent out to all businesses within the 16057 zip code that are not current SRBA members encouraging them to become members and inviting them to our holiday party.

Newsletter- Tracey mentioned that the 1st week of December will be the date for the next newsletter and asked for all submissions to be in this Friday. Please email Tracey with any information you would like included.

Tourism- No report

Meeting Coordinator- Jen distributed holiday party invitations and mentioned that it is also for guests and employees.

Jen also mentioned that Stacey will again send out the schedule for 2014 meeting hosts and speakers and that the next general membership meeting (Jan)will be at Kerry Cassidy’s new location.

December Board Meeting – Dec 4th, Fairfield Inn meeting room

There will be no December General Membership meeting- The Holiday Party will be on December 11th at 6pm and the Hampton inn and Suites Grove City.

Other events include Giant Eagle’s Taste of the Season event on Friday November 22nd from 5-8pm

North Country Canning Company’s grand opening on Saturday November 23rd from 1-3pm

Jen spoke about 2014 goals and planning.  She mentioned that we would like to look for new board members for next year and encouraged any that were interested to talk with current board members about the position.

She asked the attendees to have a discussion at their table concerning who we would like to raise money for and what type of events and activities should be considered for next year.  For example, should we do anything besides the duck race.


The group discussed and some highlights included, rather than donating the money should we place an ad for Slippery Rock to increase tourism.  Also we could spend additional money creating new brochures. The group also discussed the benefits of getting more people involved in committees in order to accomplish these goals.

SRBA General Membership Meeting

September 18th 2013

Slippery Rock Alliance Church

Host Pastor Joe Barth and Pastor Bob provided lunch at their location for September General Membership Meeting.

Stacey welcomed the group and introduced Pastor Joe Barth as our host. Pastor Joe welcomed the group to the church.  He then spoke about the church including their mission statement which is “People making themselves available to God with the goal of making loving followers of Jesus Christ.” He also mentioned that service is on Sundays at 11am and the church is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Pastor Joe has traveled all over the world on missionary trips and just recently returned form Makassar Indonesia.  He shared a video with the group on the Jaffray Theological Seminary which is where he taught while in Indonesia.  Pastor Joe thanked the group for attending

Stacy Glenn then introduced Jessica Podnar who was our speaker for the meeting.  Jessica represents Community Health Challenge which is based out of Evans City. They service Butler and Beaver counties and offer a tobacco cessation program to Butler County residents that is free of charge. Jessica presented information to the group about gambling and how it can affect individuals who are addicted.

The group then had member introductions.

Member Announcements included a thank you from the group to Giant Eagle for their contribution to Villagefest.

Todd Erdos from Edward Jones mentioned that there will be an informational meeting at the Legacy in Grove City on Oct 1st presented by Edward Jones.  This meeting will provide details on investment careers with Edward Jones.

Paul and Gert Soursa said that their tent was very successful with many adults and children enjoying the donkeys and goats that they brought.

SRBA Chair Reports

Membership- No new report

Website- No new report

Membership- No new report

Newsletter- submissions including pictures and articles/announcements are due by this Friday. It was also suggested to email photos from Villagefest to Jen.

Tourism- Paul discussed the triathlon that will be happening this Sat Sept 21st at Moraine State Park. He also reminded the group that we will need to cast a vote for the Tourism Board and decide at our October 2nd board meeting.  Lara Wozniak read the nominees to the group.

Meeting Coordinator

October Board Meeting – Oct 2nd, Fairfield Inn meeting room

October General Membership meeting- (back at NexTier meeting room) sponsored by SRU Federal Credit Union / Speaker Lara Wozniak from NexTier Bank on Fraud prevention


Stacey then concluded the meeting and thanked everyone for attending



SRBA General Membership Meeting

August 21, 2013

Playthings Etc

Hosts Nadine Shingleton and Allen DiFrischia from Playthings Etc provided lunch at their location for August General Membership Meeting.

Jen Whitmoyer welcomed everyone and thanked Nadine and Allen for allowing SRBA to use their store for our meeting.  She announced changes to the board and stated that the bi laws of the Slippery Rock Business Association require that members need to be affiliated with a Business or Association and stated that Cindy Regis is no longer with the Alpha Omega center and a interim Secretary would be needed for the remainder of 2013.  Jen stated that Lara Wozniak from NexTier Bank would fill the roll for the remainder of the year.

Jen mentioned that yard signs and table tents are available for Villagefest and there is still room for volunteers for the day either to set up, volunteer throughout the day or break down.

Jen introduced Nadine Shingleton and she spoke about playthings Etc.  She spoke about the uniqueness of the toy store and the recent enhancement of the playroom with wall decorations that resemble a small town. She explained that it is a family owned business and introduced her family and associates who provided some illusions for the group.

Jen spoke about the 2013 duck race and announced that it was time for the donation presentation.  She reminded the group that the 3 recipients where chosen by the group with surveys sent out asking which organizations SRBA should support with donations.  The three organizations identified are Slippery Rock Development, Slippery Rock in Bloom and Slippery Rock Fire Department.

Jen introduced Cindy Dillon who was representing Slippery Rock Development and presented her with a check.  Cindy spoke about care of downtown Slippery Rock and that the funds donated would go towards care of the trees located downtown.  She mentioned the importance of keeping the trees maintained and healthy.

Jen introduced Regina Greenwald who was representing Slippery Rock in Bloom. Jen presented her with a donation check and Regina thanked the group.  She spoke about Slippery Rock in Bloom and encouraged the group to visit their facebook page.

Jen next introduced Ron Steele and Dave Taggart who represented Slippery Rock Fire Department.  Jen presented them with a donation check and Ron spoke about the Fire Department.  He mentioned that they are in the process of expanding the Fire Departments facility and are looking to raise funds to assist with the project along with potential grant funding.  He and Dave also spoke about how the Fire Department is all volunteers and they hope to see more young individuals go through the training process and volunteer.  Ron thanked the group for their donation and support.

Stacy Glenn then introduced Kerry Cassidy who was our speaker for the meeting.  Kerry is the owner of Cassidy Insurance Group.  She mentioned that she had previously worked out of her home, however is in the process of renting space in the old State Farm building in downtown Slippery Rock next to Edward Jones.  Kerry spoke about the current state of Health Care Reform.  Some highlights include the fact that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was enacted by Congress on March 23, 2010.  Its focus is expanded access and she discussed the highlights which include coverage of dependants until the age of 26 and no medical underwriting among other things.  Kerry discussed the impact on business owners and employees and the group was able to ask questions.

The group then had member introductions.

Member Announcements include the movement of the general membership meeting to Slippery Rock Alliance Church for September.

SRBA Chair Reports

Membership- Keith and Kerry stated that membership applications are available for anyone interested in joining SRBA.

Tourism- Paul Suorsa discussed the Fireworks convention (PTI) and its tremendous turnout.  He volunteered to park cars through Rotary and attested to the great success of the week.

Stacy then concluded the meeting and encouraged all members to stay and “play” at Playthings Etc.

SRBA General Membership Meeting

June 19, 2013

NexTier Bank

Host Mike Bencic from the Slippery Rock Sliders provided pizza for the June SRBA General Membership Meeting. It was announced that the 21st was fireworks night for the Sliders, and the 26th is Daycare Day starting at 1:05.

Jerry Johnson from BC3 spoke regarding Job Track Pa, a program under the Department of Labor available through grants.  They provide quick training courses to give people knowledge in particular fields.  The courses are low cost or no cost, and have shown a 68-70% success rate.

Carol Werner of Slippery Rock Specialty Florist talked about the story lockets she designs.  The lockets may be used as fundraisers, and they create a unique story for the wearer.

Tom provided the treasurer’s report, which showed an ending balance of $11904.42.  To date, the SRBA has 60 paid up members.

Members attending the meeting introduced themselves.  Highlights included:

· Oakview Grille is introducing a clambake every Saturday.

· Joe Barth announced that on July 3rd there will be a 7-piece Dixieland band from 7-9 at the Brewery.

· Stacey Glenn is on the IDC board, who is having a golf outing August 16th at Pine Grove Golf Course.

· Slippery Rock Giant Eagle is having a customer appreciation day this Friday from 11-3, where they will be selling hot dogs and chips.

· Sandler Training is having a 2-hour workshop for managers in sales on June 28th in Wexford.

Board members were introduced.

Color copies of the Duck Race flyers will be forthcoming.  Tickets are $5 each.  The theme is maintaining, protecting, and sustaining.  The SRBA will make donations from the proceeds to the Slippery Rock Development, the Slippery Rock Fire Department, and Slippery Rock in Bloom.  Giant Eagle is sponsoring the 1st place duck winner, and Butler Health Systems is sponsoring the 2nd place winner.  A Sponsor for the 3rd place duck is still needed.  This year, the event will be open to SRBA members who want to set up a table at the race to promote their business.

Volunteers are needed on Friday July 19th to match ducks to the numbers at the NexTier bank.  The day of the race, volunteers are needed to sell tickets and food, and man the tables.  The SRBA will be there at 12:30, and the duck race starts at 4:00.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.  Tickets and money can be dropped off at NexTier bank before July 19th.

Upcoming dates:

· July 3, SRBA Board Meeting – Fairfield Inn & Suites Meeting Room

· July 17, Summer Picnic Membership meeting – Slippery Rock Park at 6pm

· July 20, Duck Race – Slippery Rock Campground

· September 14, VillageFest

In addition:

· June – Slippery Rock in Bloom judges left this morning.

· July – Purses for Purpose, a United Way purse auction.

· August – powerful Connections for Women, networking and motivation in Slippery Rock at the Robert M. Smith center.

Upcoming events can be e-mailed to Jen Whitmoyer, who will e-mail it to the membership list.

Paul Suorsa reported on the Jeep festival and the large turnout.  The fireworks event is coming up the 11th-16th of August at Cooper’s Lake.

Host for the August meeting is Playthings, etc.  The speaker will be from Cassidy Insurance.

The Slippery Rock Library is having a book sale this Friday and Saturday at the Slippery Rock Firehall.  Randy Everett announced a memorial car show in honor of his wife who recently passed away.  It is scheduled for August 31st, and benefits many good causes to include displaced truckers, toys for tots, etc.

The SRBA is keeping its ear to the ground regarding the current issues with the SR Borough.

Members were reminded they needed to sign up by June 30th to secure a space for Village Fest.

In attendance were: Dr. Paul Suorsa & Gert Suorsa, Arcadian Exotics; Stacey Glenn, Hampton/ Express GC; Monique Mostard, Airport Orbit; Cindy Regis, Alpha Omega Center; Jen Whitmoyer, Sandler Training; Joe Barth, SRAC;  Keith Warcup, SRU Federal Credit Union; Lara Wozniak, NexTier Bank; Jerry Johnston, BC3; Susan Hilliard, Brady Hills MHP; Todd Erdos, Edward Jones; Tom McPherson, SRD, Inc; Abbey Deneen, Oakview Golf Club; Jess Thomas, Forever Broadcasting; Ken Boring, Rock N Yogurt; Randy Everett, Memorial Car Show; Charlie Stone, Stone Brothers Construction; Diane Carlantonio, BHS Fastcare; Mark Fleis, Pittsburgh Musical Mall; and Jessica Thomas, Body Beautiful.


SRBA General Membership Meeting
May 15, 2013

North Country Brewing Warehouse

SRBA President Jen Whitmoyer welcomed the host and speaker, Bob McCafferty, owner of North Country Brewing.  He served a fantastic lunch, and spoke about the history of his business.  He shared expansion plans, and enabled members to view his off-site brewing warehouse as well as the prototypes for the new cans.  It was explained how the grain from his brewing goes to feed the cattle at the farm, the leftovers from the restaurant feed the pigs, and in turn the cattle and pigs provide meat for the restaurant. He updated members on the progress of the coffee shop and provided information about the brewing industry.

Jeff and Ann G., new owners of the Slippery Rock Giant Eagle, were introduced.  Then SRBA members were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and provide some information regarding their businesses.  It was noted that the judges for Slippery Rock in Bloom would be in town next month.  The Moraine Regatta is slated for the first weeks of August.  Sponsors and booths are needed for this event.

The SRBA picnic will be July 17th at Slippery Rock Park starting at 6:00 p.m.  Beth Thompson announced SRU orientations on June 18,21, 25, and 28.  People can get their information to Beth (100 copies)  for distribution at the orientations.

Paul Suorsa reported that last week 150 people attended the Butler Tourism picnic at Alpaca Palace, where grants were awarded.  He cited an article that appeared in the Butler Eagle.

Tracey McDermott is working on the next newsletter and welcomes flyers and inserts from businesses.  Stacey Glenn announced two speaker spots available in September and October.  It was also noted that Village Fest is September 14th this year.  SRBA always sponsors the corn-hole contest.

The SRBA annual Duck Race is July 20th at Slippery Rock Campground.  We hope to make it bigger and better this year, so members are offered the opportunity to set up tables displaying or selling items from their businesses.  A duck race caller is needed, and other volunteers are welcomed.

Upcoming meetings:

SRBA Board meeting – June 5th, Fairfield Inn meeting room

SRBA Membership Meeting – June 19th – 11:45 am – 1pm at NexTier Bank

Host – Mike Bencic, Slippery Rock Sliders

Speaker – Jerry Johnston, BC3

In attendance were: Dr. Paul Suorsa & Gert Suorsa, Arcadian Exotics; Stacey Glenn, Hampton/ Express GC; Monique Mostard, Airport Orbit; Cindy Regis, Alpha Omega Center; Jen Whitmoyer, Sandler Training; Jeremy Green, AAdvantage Insurance; Caren Stanton, Ultimate Images; Karen Kriley, Ultimate Images; Joe Barth, SRAC; Gail Wrendel, Gail’s Studio; Myrleen Manley, Keller Williams; Dr. Lisa Kellerman, Lisa’s Natural Path; Keith Warcup, SRU Federal Credit Union; Allen DiFrischa, Playthings, Etc; Nadine Shingleton, Playthings, Etc; Jennifer plecher, Playthings, ETc.; Lara Wozniak, NexTier Bank; Jerry Johnston, BC3; Susan Hilliard, Brady Hills MHP; Linda Shingleton, Guest; Emily Kellerman, Guest; Beth Thompson, SGA Bookstore; Tara Hardsock, Armstrong; Jeff & Ann G., Giant Eagle; Todd Erdos, Edward Jones; and Sonya Lenz, Airport Orbit.

SRBA General Membership Meeting

April 17, 2013

Oakview Golf Club & Grille

The meeting started at 11:45 with lunch and networking.  The hosts for the meeting were Abby Deneen, Jessie Horner, and Chef Jeff Kowalski from Oakview Golf Club and Grille.  A fantastic meal was provided that included wedding soup, salad, several sandwich options, loaded potato salad, and cookies.

Stacey Glenn welcomed the members and thanked the hosts.  Speaker Myrleen Manley from Keller Williams Realty provided a computer presentation on how homes are marketed through technology.  Although Keller Williams does not have an office in Butler County as yet, they handle several listings in the area.

Sarah Bowen of Alpha Omega Center gave a short talk regarding the upcoming Walk-for-Life on May 25th.  The walk will be held at three locations : Moraine State Park, East Main Presbyterian Church in Grove City, and in New Castle.

Jen Whitmoyer then initiated SRBA member introductions.  Member highlights include:

· Free Zumba classes every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Hampton Inn & Suites.

· Tom McPherson announced “Polish Slippery Rock” this coming Saturday, to clean up and make Slippery Rock shine.

· Playthings, Etc. announced a new play area for children.

· Jamie Croll announced the opening of Slippery Rock Tire and Towing.  They bought much of the equipment from Sevin’s Tires and hired some of their staff.  They will also honor the warranties by Sevin’s Tires.

· Karen Kriley announced a Teddy Bear Tea to benefit the Slippery Rock Library.

· Brady Hills Mobile Home Park is having a 3-hour mini spa this Saturday and again the day before Mother’s Day.  They also have $1 drop-in dance classes Fridays in May at 1:00.

· Debbie King announced a new Campus Crest Student Housing project for the fall of 2014.

· Mike Schuelle announced the opening of Apex Imaging Photography across from Bob’s Subs.

Jen chaired the business portion of the meeting and invited everyone to tour the facilities at Oakview.  She announced that the Butler Chamber and the Rotary Club would be presenting Distinguished Service Awards on May 1st.

The 2013 list of SRBA paid dues was distributed.  Questions can be addressed to Tom McPherson.  Questions regarding the SRBA website can be directed to Beth Thompson or Danny Cole, who continually update it and can add pictures.    Keith and Kerry have the membership packets finished if needed.

Paul Suorsa from Butler County Tourism reported on the recent March 22nd meeting.  The annual meeting will be May 8th at the alpaca farm on Nottingham Lane.  There will be a picnic lunch at a cost of $20, and the tourism grants will be awarded.

Tracy from Minuteman Press encouraged members to take advantage of the free advertising available in the SRBA newsletter.  Please get information to her in the next week for inclusion in the upcoming newsletter.

There are still some slots open for SRBA meeting speakers in September and October and a host for November.  Interested parties should contact Stacey Glenn.  Beth Thompson can be contacted for SRU orientation dates.  Promotions in Personality will be attending the next SRBA board meeting to discuss promotions.

Upcoming events include:

§ Villagefest September 14th

§ SRBA Duck Races July 20th

The SRBA sadly notes the passing of Mary Whitesall from Slippery Rock Giant Eagle.  The SRBA plans to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in her memory.

The SRBA would also like to thank Luigi’s Family Restaurant, who recently closed, for their past contribution to the Slippery Rock community.

Upcoming meeting dates:

SRBA Board Meeting – May 1st 8:30 am at McDonald’s

SRBA Membership Meeting –May 15th at Bob McCafferty’s new warehouse on Arrowhead Drive (off 108)

In attendance were: Dr. Paul Suorsa & Gert Suorsa, Arcadian Exotics; Stacey Glenn, Hampton/ Express GC; Tom McPherson, Slippery Rock Development, Inc.;   Monique Mostard, Airport Orbit; Cindy Regis, Alpha Omega Center; Jen Whitmoyer, Sandler Training; Abbey Deneen, Oakview Golf Club; Jaremy Green, AAdvantage Insurance; Caren Stanton, Ultimate Images; Karen Kriley, Ultimate Images; Joe Barth, SRAC; Gail Wrendel, Gail’s Studio; Tina Fenrick, Hampton Inn; Myrleen Manley, Keller Williams; Dr. Lisa Kellerman, Lisa’s Natural Path; Jamie Croll, Slippery Rock Tire & Towing; Lacey Richardson, Slippery Rock Tire & Towing; Keith Warcup, SRU Federal Credit Union;Mike Schuelle, Apex Imaging Photography; Allen DiFrischa, Playthings, Etc; Nadine Shingleton, Playthings, etc; Debbie King, Prudential Realty; Tracey McDermott, Minuteman Press; and Regina Greenwald, SRIB-Rotary.


SRBA General Membership Meeting

March 20, 2013

Community Room, NexTier Bank

The meeting started at 11:45 with lunch and networking.  The host for the meeting was Todd Erdos from Edward Jones.

The business portion of the meeting was called to order by Stacey Glenn. Paul Suorsa introduced guest speakers Ashley Lukan and Emily from Butler County Tourism.  The mission of Butler County Tourism is to make Butler County a great place to live, work and travel to.  Emily gave a presentation regarding the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival located at Cooper’s Lake on Father’s Day weekend, June 14-16.  In 1940 the army contracted with Bantam in Butler to build a military all-terrain vehicle – the jeep.  Butler began celebrating this annually beginning in 2011, and held the Guinness world record for the largest parade of jeeps.  The festival has the potential to bring in 1 million dollars in revenue and 30,000 people.

Ashley spoke about the Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention slated for August 10-17 at Cooper’s Lake.  This is the first time since 1994 this convention will be held on the east coast.  Their mission is to advance safety, skill, and artistry in fireworks.  There will be competitions and awards, and it will be open to the public on 4 nights for fireworks displays.  The convention has the potential to generate 5.5 million and bring in thousands of visitors to the community.

It was noted that the SRBA could prepare packets about the SRBA for the rooms of the guests for these events.

The second guest speakers were Daphne and Doug Turner from North Country Trails Association regarding the upcoming conference August 12-17 at Slippery Rock University.  The North Country Trails Association builds, maintains, and protects hiking trails. It has the longest hiking trail in the United States covering 4,600 miles and stretching across 7 states to North Dakota.  They will have ½ day and full day excursions, workshops, and will fly over the trails in a small plane.  The public can register in advance if they wish to partake of the activities. They are looking for donations of money and items for their auction, goody bags, and door prizes.

Jen thanked the speakers and initiated introductions by SRBA members.  Some highlights were:

· The Slippery Rock Alliance Church is having an Easter egg hunt Saturday March 23rd at 10 a.m.

· The Oakview Golf Club is opening their new restaurant, the Oakview Grill, on April 21st.

· Giant Eagle is having a blood drive Sunday March 24th from 10 to 4, and is also selling daffodils to benefit the Cancer Society this week.

Jen expressed our condolences on the passing of David Magrish from Giant Eagle, and invited ideas on how to honor him.  It was noted that his wife, Peggy, will carry on the community service work.

Dues letters were sent out.  It was requested that members who did not receive their letter contact the SRBA to ensure we have an updated address.

It was announced that Tom McPherson will be taking over the Treasurer position for the remainder of the year.

Paul Suorsa announced a Legislative Breakfast taking place at the Butler County Country Club this Friday at 7:30.  Cost is $10 per person and reservations can be made by contacting the Chamber.

Businesses were advised of the opportunity to provide flyers to be handed out at SRU orientations.  Businesses may also submit flyers to be sent out with the SRBA newsletters.  (100 flyers are needed for inclusion in the newsletter.)  Orientations at SRU are the first and third Saturday in April, the first Saturday in May, and the last two weeks in June.  Beth Thompson may be contacted for details.  The SRBA board will be meeting with Promotions in Personality regarding promotional items for the SRBA.

The group was reminded that next month’s membership meeting is to be held at Oakview Golf Club in the Oakview Grill beginning at 11:45 on April 17th.  Monique from Airport Orbit offered transportation to the meeting in their van, if anyone is interested.

Persons interested in attending the Borough council meetings should contact Jen.  Details on the Downtown Committee are forthcoming.  It was also announced that the paperwork has been filed for grants from Butler County Tourism to be used for maps, banners, and flags.   There are still some slots open for SRBA meeting speakers and hosts.  Interested parties should contact Stacey Glenn.

Upcoming meeting dates:

SRBA Board Meeting – April 3rd 8:30 am at Luigi’s

SRBA Membership Meeting – April 17th 11:45 at Oakview Grill

In attendance were: Dr. Paul Suorsa & Gert Suorsa, Arcadian Exotics; Stacey Glenn, Hampton/ Express GC; Tom McPherson, Slippery Rock Development, Inc.;  Jeff Berta, Always Summer Herbs; Monique Mostard, Airport Orbit; Cindy Regis, Alpha Omega Center; Jen Whitmoyer, Sandler Training; Abbey Deneen, Oakview Golf Club; Tanner Jones, Fairfield Inn & Suites; Todd Erdos, Edward Jones; Jaimy Green, AADvantage Insurance; Tara Hardsock, Armstrong, Caren Stanton, Ultimate Images; Karen Kriles, Ultimate Images; Mary Whitesell, Giant Eagle; Jen Dunaway, Butler Health Systems; Beth Thompson, SGA Bookstore; Joe Berta, SRAC; Joleen Mintteene, Body Beautiful; Daphne & Doug Turner, North Country Trails; and Ashley and Emily from Butler Tourism.


SRBA General Membership Meeting

February 20, 2013

Community Room, NexTier Bank

The food for the meeting was catered by Domino’s Pizza, with cookies supplied by Hampton Inn Suites.  Stacey Glenn started the meeting and introduced guest speaker, Sarah Bowen, from the Alpha Omega Center.

Sarah spoke about the history of the center, their function in the community, and their plans for the future.  Literature about the center and their spring walk for life was distributed.

Regina Greenwald from the Rotary gave an update on the Slippery Rock in Bloom project.  She encouraged businesses to adopt a spot or a pot and to take on something in front of their space.  She indicated the Garden Club would help with plants and fertilizer. They have an upcoming fundraiser at the alumni house on March 16th, and hope to raise enough to purchase a golf cart on which to put the watering system.

Jen Whitmoyer talked about the meeting changes.  Beginning in March, the meeting will begin at 11:45 a.m. with lunch and networking.  The guest speaker will begin promptly at noon for approximately 15 minutes, followed by a second speaker who will present a five minute update.  The remainder of the meeting will be for reports, updates, and news/events.  Lunch is available throughout the meeting for those who arrive late.  The changes are intended to provide speakers sufficient time and to provide networking opportunities.

Member introductions and announcements were next.  Royce Lorentz announced an April 21st Teddy Bear Tea fundraiser for the library, which is targeted toward children.  Abbey from Oakview Golf Club announced the re-opening of their restaurant.  The SRBA will hold their April General Membership Meeting at the Oakview Golf Club, who is generously hosting the meeting.  Lisa from Lisa’s Natural Path advised the group that they have a free informational class at the end of each month, and members are welcome to attend.  Jen encouraged members to visit the various businesses of other members and to get their business cards.

Jen challenged members to share their thoughts on what the Slippery Rock Development and the Slippery Rock in Bloom groups did and what their function was. She asked members to e-mail her with any questions.  She is currently working on an informational communication to go out outlining what these groups do.

Membership dues letters were recently sent out.  If anyone has questions they should contact Jen.  It was announced that Kim Hohmann left her position as SRBA Treasurer due to a change in her employment location.  Tom McPherson has agreed to fill the Treasurer position.

Beth Thompson may be contacted for information on SRU orientations.  Tracey McDermott announced the dates of the SRBA newsletter for the 2013 will be in March, May, July, September, and November. She asked that people get information for inclusion in the newsletter to her by the Friday of the week of the general membership meeting.  Flyer inserts can be dropped off at the NexTier Bank – about 100 flyers are needed.  It is noted that it takes 3-4 days for the flyers to get from the bank to Tracey, so please allow time for that.

One new application for membership was received, on which the board will vote.  Dr. Paul Suorsa gave a report on Butler County Tourism, where he cited a recent January 22nd article in the Butler Eagle.  Upcoming events include the Jeep Festival and Pyrotechnics.  There is a meeting and open house Feb. 21st in Harmony, with the meeting starting at 5 and a tour at 6.

VillageFest is in the planning stage.  Jen asked that businesses on Main Street let her know if they will be using their space in front of their business.  VillageFest information is now online.

The Downtown Committee will start meeting in March or April under the direction of Bob McCafferty.

The next SRBA Board meeting is March 6th at 8:30 at Luigi’s.  The next SRBA Membership Meeting is March 20th at 11:45 at the NexTier Bank.

In attendance were: Dr. Paul Suorsa & Gert Suorsa, Arcadian Exotics; Stacey Glenn, Hampton/ Express GC; Keith Warcup, SRU Federal Credit Union; Tom McPherson, Slippery Rock Development, Inc.;  Jeff Berta, Always Summer Herbs; Monique Mostard, Airport Orbit; Kerry Cassidy, Cassidy Insurance Group; Cindy Regis, Alpha Omega Center; Jen Whitmoyer, Sandler Training; Sarah Bowen, Alpha Omega Center; Scott Hacker, New York Life; Abbey Deneen, Oakview Golf Club; Susan Hilliard, Brady Hills MHP; Gail Wrenail, Gail’s Studio; Regina Greenwald, SR Rotary &SR in Bloom; Royce Lorentz, S.R.C. Library; and Debbie King, Prudential.


SRBA General Membership Meeting

January 16, 2013
Community Room, NexTier Bank

While enjoying the food, groups engaged in table discussions regarding ideal referrals for businesses.

President Jan Whitmoyer welcomed everyone to the meeting. She introduced our speaker, Nadine Shingleton from Playthings Etc., and our host, Mary Whitesell from the Slippery Rock Giant Eagle. Jen then introduced the 2013 SRBA officers and chairs. It was noted that the SRBA would like to have a representative attend Slippery Rock Borough Council meetings as an events liaison. Interested volunteers can contact Jen for additional information.

Everyone introduced themselves, gave a brief description of their business, and noted who their perfect referral would be. Beth Thompson announced the upcoming dates of Slippery Rock University orientations. Orientations are scheduled for Jan. 25, April 13, April 27, and May 4, 2013. Businesses interested in supplying brochures or information about their business can get those to Beth prior to the orientations.

Dr. Paul Suorsa reported on upcoming events for Butler County Tourism. The Bantam Jeep celebration will be held at Cooper’s Lake June 14-16, 2013. There will be fireworks at Cooper’s Lake August 10-11, 2013.

An application for membership was presented by the Graham Group. They are the developers of the Butler FastER care building. The members voted on the application and ballots were collected.

Stacey Glenn reported that there are still openings to fill for speakers and hosts for the 2013 year. A sign-up sheet was passed around.

Jen discussed upcoming activities involving Slippery Rock in Bloom and Slippery Rock Development. Members were encouraged to watch their e-mail for details. It was also announced that the SRBA was forming a downtown sub-committee. Interested parties could see Jan for further information.

The speaker was Nadine Shingleton of Playthings Etc. She was not speaking on behalf of Playthings Etc., but as a member of PA ACT (Pennsylvania Against Child Trafficking). She described the growing problem of domestic child trafficking in the US and in Pennsylvania. She shared a true story, cited alarming statistics, gave some tips on recognizing child trafficking, and indicated steps we could take toward resolving this problem. If you want to know more about PA ACT, you can e-mail them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . To report a suspected situation, call the National Trafficking Hotline at 888-3737-888.

In attendance were: Dr. Paul Suorsa & Gert Suorsa, Arcadian Exotics; Stacey Glenn, Hampton/ Express GC; Nadine Shingleton, Playthings Etc.; Keith Warcup, SRU Federal Credit Union; Mary Whitesell, SR Giant Eagle; J. Glen, Advantage Insurance; Tom McPherson, Slippery Rock Development, Inc.; Jeff Berta, Always Summer Herbs; Mike Bencic, SR Sliders; Joleen Mentheene, Body Beautiful; Mark Flus, Advanced; T. Erdos, Edward Jones; Monique Mostard, Airport Orbit; Caren Stanton, Ultimate Images; Kerry Cassidy, Cassidy Insurance Group; Karen Kriley, Ultimate Images; Joe Barth, SR Alliance Church; Bob McCafferty, North Country Brewing; Cindy Regis, Alpha Omega Center; Jen Whitmoyer, Sandler Training; and Beth Thompson, SGA Bookstore.

Executive and Operating Board Meeting

January 9, 2013

Luigi’s Family Restaurant

In attendance were: Jen Whitmoyer, Tom McPherson, Paul Suorsa, Stacey Glenn, Beth Thompson, Dave Trozzo, Keith Warcup, Kerry Cassidy, Regina Greewald, and Cindy Regis.

Our invited guest, Regina Greenwald from Slippery Rock in Bloom, spoke regarding the results of last year’s efforts and requested the support of the SRBA for the 2013 year. She outlined the Adopt a Spot program, and indicated the borough, the township, and the garden club would help with volunteers. Last year, Slippery Rock rated 48% total in the six areas judged. The Rotary has committed to this project for the next five years. The board advised Ms. Greenwald that a written request outlining the available options was needed before the board could make a decision. The board considered being involved in both the America in Bloom and the maintenance program.

The Treasurer’s report was sent by e-mail and distributed at the meeting. The beginning balance was $8,213.07. There were normal expenses as well as income and expenses related to the Christmas dinner. The ending balance was $7,739.63.

A budget for 2013 is in the process and will be ready for approval at the February meeting. The appointment of check signers was discussed – Jen, Stacey, and Cindy. It was noted that 2 signers are required on SRBA checks.

Jen announced an upcoming January 11th meeting with the SRIB, SRB, and SRBA at 10:00 at Luigi’s Family Restaurant, for those interested in attending.

The dues mailings are going out soon and it was suggested they be sent with the newsletter to save on postage. Tom suggested an e-mail to alert people the invoice would be in the newsletter. Following futher discussion of the pros and cons, it was decided that the dues invoices would be sent in a separate mailing to avoid any confusion or inadvertent overlooking of the invoices.

The board approved to pay two invoices from the Butler Chamber for administration fees, postage, and copies in the amount of $162.49 for October and $248.61 for Nov.-Dec. The motion to pay was made by Tom McPherson and seconded by Stacey Glenn.

A membership application from the Graham Group (They are the developers of the Butler FastER care building.) was discussed where the applicant sent in a check to cover membership dues for the next five years. It was decided we could accept a pre-payment of this sort, pending the vote and approval of the applicant for membership. A vote will be conducted at the next general membership meeting.

Membership application procedures were discussed, with an emphasis on improving communication. Normally, applications for businesses in the 16057 zip code are approved by the board, while businesses that fall outside the 16057 zip code are approved by the members at the regular membership meeting. The secretary makes the ballots. The application goes to Keith, and the check goes to Kim. Keith distributes the application to Beth for the web, Tracey for the newsletter, and gives a copy to Jen. Kerry and Keith send a welcome packet to successful applicants. To promote communication, it was decided that when the applications are received, Cindy would e-mail the applicant to confirm the SRBA received their application. In the event of an out-of-area application where a membership vote is required, the applicant will be informed of the process and the date of the vote. It was noted that ballots would also need to be sent by e-mail to SRBA members not present at the meeting on that same date, with instructions that the ballots need returned to Cindy by 3:00 p.m. that Friday.

Beth will check with Danny on setting up g-mail accounts for board members.

Position responsibilities were reviewed with board members.

It would be advantageous to the SRBA to have a representative attend Borough Council Meetings. Tom proposed a 4-5 person committee to share the responsibility of attending the meetings. The council meets twice a month at 7:00 p.m. (dates to be announced). Usually the second monthly meeting is a planning meeting, while the earlier meeting is a voting meeting.

Other topics of discussion included:

· Sending out newsletters every two months or quarterly instead of monthly.

· Placing the survey on hold until it could be re-worded or re-written.

· The upcoming SRU orientations on January 25, April 13, April 27, and May 4, 2013. Material to be distributed can be given to Beth.

· Feedback regarding the SRBA Christmas party was favorable.

The General Membership Meeting is January 16th at noon in the Community Room of NexTier Bank. Host is SR Giant Eagle and speaker is Nadine Shingleton. The next Board meeting is February 6th at 8:30 a.m. at Luigi’s.







Slippery Rock: The Story Behind the Name


In 1779, Col. Daniel Brodhead was in command of Fort Pitt at the present site of the city of Pittsburgh. Col. Brodhead begged Gen. George Washington to allow him to lead an expedition against the Seneca Indians who were raiding settlements in the area. The troops encountered the Indians and were forced to flee for their lives.